Information for Process to get UAE Attestation in Chennai, India

Manav Attestation has made UAE Attestation service for UAE in Chennai very easy. Attestation of certificates can be defined as the process where authenticity is confirmed from authorized persons, departments and authorities. We provide attestation services in Chennai for UAE attestation where we confirm the certificate issued with seal and signature is authentic.
Manav Attestation Services in Chennai is one of the best UAE attestation service providers in Chennai. We provide UAE attestation service in India for different countries like India, UAE, US, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, Africa, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. We can provide UAE certificate attestation service for people staying in any part of the country. We help our clients by giving them all information regarding the attestation procedure in Chennai. We provide attestation services in cost effective manner as compared to others.

UAE Attestation in Chennai for certificates can be done from the issued country of the certificate. It is mandatory to get the certificate attested from concerned Home department/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country to get accepted by other organization.

Documents Required for UAE Attestation in Chennai is as follows:
• Original Certificate
• Passport copy
• Visa Copy
• Authorization letter
• 2 Photographs

We believe in good quality work and therefore we warn the applicants for the false representation and in that case applicants are completely responsible for the applications.

Procedure for UAE Certificate Attestation in Chennai, India

1) What is the cost of UAE Attestation in Chennai in INR for declaration confirmation by UAE Consulate?
The estimate for UAE Attestation might be 5000 – 10000 relying upon the report, attestation services and earlier authentications done.
However this is a rough number and may vary upon the USD – INR change rates and the season of verification.

2) Is there any list of approved agency/agents from govt. for providing UAE Attestation in Chennai, India?
No, there is no such list of approved agency from government. You can simply check the qualifications of organization and whether they are approved enrollment operators as affirmed by Govt. of India – Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. If you check these things you are away from the odds of fake practices.

3) Have there been issues because of fake attestation done by unapproved agency/agent?
Yes there have been such cases monitored where few experts got their endorsements attestation done by unapproved agency from Chennai and their visa applications were dismissed by UAE Government on discovering this. And due to this issue they lost their openings for work and needed to discover new employments back home.

4) What amount of time is required for Certificate Attestation/Authentication by UAE Consulate in Chennai?
Now-a-days Attestation in Chennai is as of now bore witness to by HRD, at that point the procedure is somewhat less difficult and may take 3-4 days time.
But in any case if your declaration is not validated by HRD, it may take more time since record must be verified by MEA in New Delhi before being confirmed by UAE Consulate.

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